Content & Production Services

META serves as an expert consultant in production and management. We fulfill the roles of Art Director, Content Director, Producer, Project Manager, and Senior Writer, and bring a wealth of professionalism to these endeavors. We can take teams from an idea on a paper napkin (or no idea at all) all the way through post-production and distribution, with an emphasis on capacity building and sustainability. Rates vary depending on project and scope. Please fill out the contact form, and let’s get the conversation started.

Corporate Storytelling Workshops

META Studios offers a unique and rewarding examination of the Value of Story – an important concept that extends into the lifeblood of any organization. We help people understand their history, brands, and missions, and we show you how to articulate those ideas to others. We teach the importance of Creative Adaptability, and we nurture creative confidence. Above all, we love to listen and learn, and we make our consulting sessions as productive and natural as they can be.

META recognizes the importance of effectively articulating an idea to existing or potential clients, to vendors (such as advertising agencies), or internally. It’s vital that we all learn to convey our ideas as effectively as possible. We offer three workshops to corporations and executives:

Personal Storytelling:

Ideal for C-level executives, founders, creatives, freelancers, and those on a journey toward self-awareness. This two-hour interactive exercise includes self-branding, building confidence through story, and owning one’s story. Additional coaching available hourly, as needed.

Corporate Mission & Strategy: Customized for C-level executives and directors. We will come on-site and work directly with your leadership team for approximately two and a half hours. During this time, we will lead you through corporate storytelling, brand embodiment, implementing the mission statement, and effectively articulating goals and standards.

Product Ideation:
Perfect for small teams, product managers, designers, developers, and marketers. META consultants will spend approximately four hours with your team engaging in productive team building (no trust falls, we promise), story construction, brand identity, brand strategy, and capacity building.


Education is one of META’s core principles, and we have decades of experience collaborating and supporting STEAM and entrepreneurship education. Our partners include: