Investor Information

Entertainment Tax Credit

META Studios’ Georgia location allows us to take full advantage of the state’s 30% tax credit, which produced an estimated $7.1 billion trickle-down economic effect in 2016, and has made Georgia the #1 filmmaking state in the country. Paul Jenkins was the former head of the Governor’s Advisory Committee on Digital/Interactive Entertainment, and our relationship with local political and commercial endeavors gives us a unique insight into the long-term goals of Georgia: the state’s incredible success has garnered overwhelming bipartisan support for the tax credits and a commitment to keep them in place for the foreseeable future. 

Federal Opportunity Zone

The Federal Opportunity Zone Program is an exciting new community and economic development plan that aims to increase investment into low-income communities throughout the country. META Studios will be set up in a Federal Opportunity Zone, spurring local economic development and allowing our investment partners to:

  1. Defer capital gains taxes until 2026
  2. Reduce recognized gain by up to 15%
  3. Be exempt from any gain accrued after original re-investment.

For current investment opportunities contact Sarah Boyd: